Career Planning and Online Community for Young Adults and Parents

Students, young adults and parents can access all the necessary online tools to research careers, design occupational roadmaps and explore a multitude of college opportunities all within one interactive learning community. We are with you every step in this all-important process with just-in-time coaching and specialized training tools to prep both the students and parents for success in the world of work.

“What do You Want to be When You Grow Up?”

How often do we tell young adults, “You can be anything you want to be. You just need to put your mind to it.” The problem is…most don’t yet know what they “want” or how to go about finding what the “want” is!  Without careful career insight or the proper educational head start, many young adults get stuck in jobs they don’t like or don’t have the right degree to pursue a position in a desired field. For most young people, the idea of working five days a week, eight hours a day (at least!) and not like what you do spells disaster and failure!

Career Connection’s seasoned mentors guide and navigate young adults through realistic strategies to successfully enter the job market. The community’s programs help youth entering the work world to launch and land meaningful, tailor-made careers.  The site also provides parents with an affordable and shared learning experience that equips them to prepare their teens for today’s colleges and workplace.

What’s Missing from Most College Career Centers?

The guidance many young adults need to be self-sufficient and motivated in their career choices. We know, because Career Connection was developed by veterans in human relations, executive coaches, and career specialists who found the young people in front of them were confused and ill-prepared to enter the workplace or weren’t heading into the right career. Ultimately, they were saddled with student loan debt, working in unsatisfied jobs and living at home with mom and dad.

What Our Online, Social Learning Community Can Do to Give Young Adults the Direction, Preparation and Connection to a Well-Planned Career:

  • Time-Saving, One-stop Resource – Everything you need to make smart career and educational choices is found on one site.
  • College Preparation Guidance– Introduce parents and young adults to the many invaluable online resources available to build a “college list” that matches your student’s dreams with your budget.
  • Capitalization of Career Planning Strategies– Save money with a targeted approach to career planning that starts with realistic assessments, the education to get in the right job and all the tools to get that interview.
  • “A Day in the Life of” Orientation – Introduce young adults to the ins and outs of their job preferences, and the fascinating and ever-changing world of work.
  • Career Coaching – Provide parents and young adults meaningful and targeted career resources, each in a relevant space to think, discover, and explore career desires and practical options.
  • Landing the First Job< Training – With diploma in hand, graduates need to learn the realities of job hunting and the essential self-marketing to be competitive in today’s difficult hiring market.
  • Make Meaningful Connections How-to – From getting the first interview, to moving up the corporate ladder, our community helps and supports members to connect to practitioners, mentors, and other serious young people who may have already landed their dream career.